Chat offenses:
•Spamming/Repeating messages
•Begging for Officer (apply here instead)
•Verbal abuse
•Use of caps lock
•Giving away other players personal information
•Respect staff
•Using the public chat to talk with guild members
•Advertising in any way
•Talking positively about hacks or any related things
•Giveaways that don't follow the guideline for giveaways:
        •Giveaway must be hosted using Gleam
        •Winner has to be publicly announced afterwards
        •Doing a fake giveaway results in a instant ban from the guild
General offenses:
•Use of any hack client/forbidden modification
•Being inactive for too long will result in a guild kick
These rules apply to guild parties and punishments can be transferred over to the guild.
I'm allowed to add or remove rules at any time without noticing you!
I'm allowed to punish you for things that aren't listed here!
All standard Hypixel rules apply as well!

Update on swearing (19.11.2017):
It's on every player to decide them selfes what chat filter to use and what kind of words they are fine with seeing. However verbal abuse is still punishable.
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